Lessons Learned Famous Parents

How is it even possible that Kevin Federline comes off as being the better parent to his children than Britney? How about notorious hooker-hound Charlie Sheen? He’s downright “Father Knows Best” stacked up against little Miss-Pimpin’-Out-the-Kids-for-My-New-Reality-Show Denise Richards. Are such children destined to live lives of rampant overexposure and chronic drug abuse all culminating in an early death? Is fame to blame or is it just their crappy parents?

Do Perfect Parents Exist?

And what about the other side – the picture-perfect celebrity parents? Everyone knows Angie and Brad bend over backwards in service to their tribe. As a couple they commit to making sure at least one of them is always home while the other is not. They travel together, play together, and even save the Earth together. Thanks to the tattoos and a few alternative-lifestyle forays, Angelina’s not exactly June Cleaver. But the attitude she displays toward her children appears downright responsible and mature. How frustrating is that to absorb when you fed your kid Cheetos for her last breakfast?

So what do you do? Can famous parents, good or bad, somehow help you to be a better parent?

Find a Good-Bad Example

Let’s say your children gang up and shave the neighbor’s cat butt-naked. You lose your cool, scream like a crazy woman, and then douse the whole lot of them with the garden hose. As you leave your damp offspring shivering and crying in the yard you head inside, mix up a mid-day margarita, and put up your feet and relax, secure in the knowledge that your parenting methods – as shocking as they may be – aren’t anywhere near as bad as that “monster” Alec Baldwin or perma-stoned rapper Snoop Dogg. A good-bad example can work wonders for our self esteem.

Then you have the super parents. They spout off their quotes left and right about how much they care, how good they are, and how much they provide for their little ones, but everyone knows they don’t do it alone. They have teams of nannies and assistants to ensure they never lose too much sleep or ever leave the house with baby blech on their shoulder. Perfect parenting is an illusion – making it right at home in Hollywood.

One can suggest Tom Cruise is bananas, but when my own neighbor makes his kid practice competitive bocce until 3 a.m. six nights a week you start to realize Hollywood doesn’t exactly own the franchise on crazy. Tommy-boy is just more visible than the bocce bozo next door. Besides, when you get right down to it, we all more or less think everyone else is nuts.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Knowing that there are celebs out there who aren’t exactly winning parent of the year awards doesn’t let anyone off the hook. A bad parent is a bad parent, famous or not. So if there’s anything to be gained from the rollercoaster of insanity that Hollywood families present, it’s a sound note of caution. Watch carefully all that you see. Remember you don’t know the whole story, and focus instead on committing yourself to becoming a better parent in your own right each and every single day. It’s the only thing you can really do.

We can all agree that dangling a baby off the balcony over a street in Berlin is not something we should do with a child. To waste our time lecturing that bizarre man-child Michael Jackson on what he should be doing is stupid. He went over the ledge a long time ago. Better to instead make a few mental notes about babies and balconies and focus instead on your own day-to-day adventures in the wide world of mom-and-dad-dom. Your kids will be glad you paid attention to them instead of to the tabloids.

What’s do you consider the worst celeb parenting moment?

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Teaching Children to Cook: 6 Important Guidelines

Kids of all ages love to help in the kitchen. It’s a great family activity and it fosters confidence and a sense of purpose as each child contributes to family life. Plus, your kids will be learning skills that they will draw upon throughout their lives.

Here are six important guidelines to follow as you help your children learn to cook.

1. It’s important to emphasize safety first for all kids in the kitchen. Determine beforehand what kinds of jobs will be appropriate for your children’s ages. If your child has to stand on a stool or a chair to reach the stove, he or she is too young to cook. Start young children with jobs that are far away from dangerous kitchen items. Young kids can set and clear the table, hunt down ingredients, add ingredients, and stir and mix to their heart’s content.

Children should also know your rules about handling knives and other sharp kitchen instruments before you begin to cook. Let your kids know what kinds of tools are off limits to them. If your children are old enough to be handling hot pans, make sure to talk to them about which parts of the pans get hot. Talk with them about properly handling baking pans using oven mitts as well as which kinds of surfaces in your kitchen are safe to lay hot pans on.

If your kids are too young to handle knives or hot pans, there are still lots of ways for them to be involved with pre-meal preparation. Ask young children to slice bananas with a plastic knife, for example, or ask them to put ice and water and sliced lemons in the glasses. They can put the chopped ingredients in a salad and toss, as well.

There are lots of ways for kids to participate in the kitchen, but they should know to always ask an adult before they use a tool or an appliance.

2. Talk about the importance of washing hands thoroughly before you start cooking. You’ll also want to talk about the importance of washing hands after touching certain food items, such as raw meat.

3. Start with a recipe you know by heart, or ask your child to choose a simple recipe from a cookbook that you can work on together. Start by taking out all the ingredients to make sure you have everything on hand.

4. Make cooking a whole-brain learning experience. When kids are in the kitchen, they are also getting a chance to use what they know about fractions as well as to experiment with chemistry. Ask them questions to draw on what they have learned in school. Encourage them to experiment with different ingredients and to go beyond the recipe if they think they can improve upon it.

5. Prepare for a mess. Every kid has broken a few dishes in the kitchen, so assume that it’s going to happen and don’t stress about it when it does. Also assume that you are going to have a rather large mess on your hands before it’s all over. This is prime time to teach your kids the important skill of cleaning as they go. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water and place the dishes in the water as you finish with them. Your kids will see how this makes it much easier to do the dishes when the cooking is done. Throughout the process, try not to get stressed. The more laid back you can be as the kids are learning to cook, the more fun it will be for everyone.

6. As your kids get older, allow them to plan and prepare a meal for the family all by themselves.

When you first teach your kids to cook, their “help” in the kitchen will lead to a bit more work on your part, but the confidence and knowledge they gain will be well worth it as they grow.

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Why Children Learn Better via Personalized Kids Music

Not all children are born genius; neither are the physical and mental developments of all the children equal. Therefore, when it comes to the learning process of children, some learn quicker than their peers. But, it is certain that music is one of the efficient ways of developing the learning skill and curiosity in the children. In fact, experts harp on the importance of personalized kids music in the growth and development of kids’ interest in music to nurture their learning abilities. No wonder why customized music for children has become one of the most sought-after tools among the parents.

Few people know that toddlers are more likely to respond to songs than any other activities around them. In fact, the children’s songs are the best way to entertain the kids. Experts believe that kids can be given a better learning environment with the help of music. Consequently, the rhymes like “One, two, Buckle my shoe..”, “Merry had a little lamb …” have been introduced to the curriculum of the nursery students. However, the kids personalized music is becoming more popular among the parent and children since it is a very effective technique of generating the excitement in kids.

Personalized Kids Music is More Interesting for the Kids

Unlike mature music lovers, children have a natural inclination toward music regardless of its genre. Hence, the delight and the excitement in your child’s face are worth watching when he hears his own name in the song. That is why there is a growing popularity for the tailor-made rhymes and other compositions meant for kids. The customized songs are prepared with adding your child’s name to the most popular rhymes. It can easily drag the child’s attention to the sounds and develop an ability of careful listening in the child. It has been proved that music education sharpens the brain of the young learners.

If you are searching for new methods of enhancing your child’s intelligence, the customized children’s music will help you achieve positive results. Kids personalized music increases a child’s learning ability 33% faster than any common songs for the children. It also helps the child’s coordination abilities in his different activities. As the kids try to listen to the rhymes that pronounce their names repeatedly, it develops their concentration. Moreover, they will find the songs interesting and will learn them faster.

Kids Personalized Music is Easy to Record

When you are opting to teach your child through customized rhymes, you may feel that it can be a challenge to find a convenient place or medium to record them. But, fortunately, there are many CD recording companies that are catering to the needs of the growing demand of the customized children songs. You can also surf across the web and easily find the service providers that develop music and rhymes with your child’s name coming on them frequently.

The personalized kids music contributes to the healthy growth of a child. Hence you need to be careful while selecting the songs that match your child’s interest. Actually, selecting the right song is the key to develop the child’s interest toward learning. As the song you are customizing and recording are intended to entertain and educate your kid, you should take time finding the most suitable music.

The customized children’s music is vital for developing the learning process of the kids. Kids personalized music is also fun and innovative for the children and that is why they are better way of teaching the kids. In brief, kids personalized music is the ultimate way to unleash your child’s inner qualities.

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